our roots

The Elevated Customs story has its origins the way many stories do when it comes to cars: With family. The Thornton brothers inherited their love of cars from their parents who to this day find ways to elevate their rides. But how EC got started as a company goes back the mail room of a large insurance firm in the early 2000s. 

Company Co-Founder Maurice Thornton (then driving a slightly elevated domestic) started a corporate career the same way many young adults do - paying dues in the mail room doing mundane, meaningless tasks waiting for an opportunity. With dedication and preparation, Maurice would elevate from the mail room to become the youngest Senior Vice President in the firms nearly 30 year history.

This is where most would stop and live content but even with the coveted corner office in tow, Maurice knew there was more for his story and that puts us where we are today. With his family and close friends in for the ride, Elevated Customs became a reality in 2018.